How will you choose to live in 2017?

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Wow, here we are already in 2017! And, what a perfect time to reflect on what you want to create this year. But, how about keeping it simple. I’m all about simplicity these days! So, instead of creating a whole lot of New Year’s resolutions, how about creating one intention or theme that represents how you’re choosing to live your life in 2017. That way, you can allow this theme to catalyze breakthroughs in different areas of your life without putting specific parameters on the what or how this will occur.

As I recently reflected on 2016, the theme that emerged for me was a year of REMEMBRANCE and a COMING HOME to the LOVE that I AM. Some of you know my story—a journey in which I spent most of my life searching for LOVE outside of myself and wearing many masks—facets of my ego mind that were holding me back from embodying my divine TRUTH. No coincidence that this past year culminated in the publishing of my book, Unmasking Your Soul, a marker of deeper surrender to my own divinity and the gifts that are meant to be expressed through me.

So you could say that 2016 represented for me a remembrance of the LOVE that I AM and a returning home to that TRUTH. As I step into 2017, my intention is to go deeper with that truth. For me, this translates into: I SPEAK and LIVE my TRUTH from a place of LOVE. And, my intention is to embody this theme (these words) across all areas of my life, especially as I serve you in the coming year.

Now, it’s your turn. Let me give you a little jump start on how you might approach this. Start, by finding a quiet space where you can spend some time alone. Grab a journal or some paper to write on. Then, take some deep breaths to quiet your mind. When you feel relaxed, move on to the exercise below.

  1. First, I suggest you spend a little time thinking about 2016. If you were to place a theme around what happened for you in 2016, what would it be?
  2. Now, that you have your theme for 2016, think about what life you want to create and live in 2017. One way to get at your theme is to think about how you might answer the following question: What do I want to stand for or become in 2017?
  3. Now, stand in front of the mirror and say your theme/intention out loud. And, really feel the words landing in your Heart and Soul. In essence, these words become your living mantra for 2017. Visualize what your life would look and feel like as you live out this theme.
  4. Finally, I suggest you write or print your theme on a piece of paper and place it where you will see it every day. It could be in your office, kitchen, bathroom mirror, etc. but somewhere where you will see the words and be able to repeat them out loud every day. Be creative and do what you know will work for you. The intention here is to imprint this theme in your being by repeating the words daily with intent, belief, and full surrender to the divine part of you that will be in charge of guiding you in its manifestation.

May this year be your best year yet—full of many blessings, love, and fulfillment of your heart’s desires!

Remember that YOU are LOVE and YOU are LOVED!

With Love and Gratitude~


P.S. If you haven’t already purchased my book, Unmasking Your Soul, which launched on December 22, I’ve extended the special sale price on the Kindle version to $1.99 for several more days so please pick up your copy today or share with your friends!

Eileen Anümani Santos is an interfaith minister, transformational healer, artist, singer, international bestselling author, and coach whose mission is to heal and awaken the hearts and minds of those seeking to live more authentic and Soul-driven lives.

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