Are You Ready to Let Love Be Your Guiding Force?

It’s been a while since my last post and I hope you can forgive me, but I had to go deep—deep within my heart to come full circle to where it all began. LOVE. You see, I spent most of my life searching for something outside of me that has been with me all along. And, in the process I wore many masks, pretending to be someone I’m not. Yet, LOVE showed me the way back home. I’m not talking about a physical or external love. I’m talking about the essence of our divinity, expressed through our humanity—what I call Cosmic Love.

Finding Love Again

Finding Love Again, c. 2008

Just like me, you hold the seeds of this cosmic love within you. It’s the seed from whence you were born. And, when this seed sprouts within you and begins to awaken your cellular memory to this universal truth, your whole world transforms. As you see through the eyes of LOVE, you recognize the sacredness in every human being, animal, rock, tree—all of God’s creations glowing in the purest of love and light.

If there was ever a time for LOVE to be the guiding force in your life, the time is NOW. All the recent events point to this TRUTH. If you’re reading these words, then, just like me, you’re being called to step in more deeply to do your purpose-work. Maybe, you don’t know what that is yet. Or, maybe, you do know, but you’ve been resisting it for a long time. I know how that feels. From the moment of my dream of awakening in 2003, I’ve been fighting and resisting my Soul’s calling. Fear has been behind that resistance—fear of being seen, judged, not being safe, all wrapped in deep feelings of unworthiness. Yet, here I am, every day doing my inner work so I can step in to serve you and humanity from a place of pure heart.

There is so much gratitude and love within me as I revel in appreciation of all those who showed up to love and support me on this journey—who said ‘Yes’ to their Soul’s calling and stepped into help me heal. With every step taken towards my purpose, and every tear and emotion released, I unmasked another part of my Soul. And, I’m ready now to be the LOVE that I AM and committed to serving in ways I’ve only dreamt of.

It was the writing of my forthcoming book, Unmasking Your Soul, that made this all possible. You see, writing is one of the most healing spiritual practices that exists. I absolutely lived and breathed every word that I wrote. At times, I had to put the writing aside so I could heal, shift and embody more of my own divinity. It was a very graceful dance of being, listening, and doing. Through this process, not only did I learn the language of my Soul, but I awakened to deeper gifts that were waiting for me to be ready. In the end, it was all a journey of remembrance of the Love that I AM and a deep knowing that Love is the true elixir to all of our problems, fear, chaos, and all that holds this world back from creating Heaven on Earth. So I ended in the very place I began my life—in the womb of Cosmic Love.

With every fear I faced and every area of woundedness that was lifted from my being, emerged a new understanding of who I really am and why I incarnated at this time on this Earth realm. You too hold a unique purpose that is meant to be expressed. If you’ve been feeling stuck or afraid of pursuing that purpose, then let me help you awaken to your gifts and release what no longer serves you.

If any of what I’ve written resonates with you, then join me on December 22, as I launch my book, Unmasking Your Soul!  Click here for more details. It’s a free event so feel free to bring anyone who is ready to join you on this journey of unmasking. Please make sure to RSVP. It’s time to listen to the calling of your Soul!

I leave you with the words that I wrote the other day as I communed with God/Divine/Creator at the park.

As I step onto this sacred ground, I find you there waiting for me. You hold my hand and whisper, “I am here.” I feel your love so deeply within. All that I perceive around me is infused with your signature that is undeniable—beauty, brilliance, and a deep love that radiates from all of existence.

You remind me: “This love that you are is ready to assist you in becoming the elixir of your own life. With just one breath, you return to this place of knowing that the love that you are is the true alchemy of this world. Take a deep breath into your heart and open the gateway to the cosmic love that makes its home there. When you say ‘Yes’ to that love, what is not of love falls away, and what remains is the Real You.”

Remember that YOU are LOVE and YOU are LOVED!

With Love and Gratitude~


Please comment below and let me know how you plan to unmask your Soul.

Eileen Anümani Santos is an interfaith minister, transformational healer, artist, singer, international bestselling author, and spiritual guide whose mission is to heal and awaken the hearts and minds of those seeking to live more authentic and Soul-driven lives.

If you’re interested in unmasking your Soul and living on purpose, then check out my SoulLove Mastery Private Mentoring Program.

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