Aligning with Divine Mind, Divine Heart, and Divine Soul

Purple HeartOn Thursday of this week, April 7, there is a radical, new supermoon on the horizon. This new moon is about rebirth and the releasing of old patterns and habits. I know about this. Old patterns have made a glaring appearance in my life recently. I am a Pisces, and if you know anything about Pisces, we fish tend to always seek the goodness in everything and, sometimes, like to ignore the shadow side that is lurking not too far beneath the covers. But, as we evolve and grow, those old tendencies become much easier to deal with.

Recently, I was reminded that I was treading too fast. I was trying to get somewhere that I thought I needed to be, but in the hurry to get there, I was missing some important parts of my journey. As I was rushing to become more of the real me, I was losing sight of some of the places within me that were still holding some clutter. Without removing the clutter first, I was creating opportunities for my ego to serve up some of these old habits that hadn’t served me well in the past. And, that’s exactly what happened. I found myself in several situations where I was giving my power away and making choices in the old way, without discerning if there was true alignment at a soul level.

The good news is that the more you grow and evolve spiritually, it becomes much easier to catch yourself and pause until the path is clear. I now know the importance of listening to divine guidance even if I don’t understand the ‘why’ in the moment. The message from the Divine was loud and clear. “Stop, take a breath, and pause. Seek to find what is missing from this situation.” And so, that’s exactly what I did. I took a pause and held the situation in my heart.

Sometimes, what should be so obvious to us becomes blurred and masked by our human personality. I’m an energy healer so you would think that energetics would always be in the equation when I’m making decisions, and for the most part, they usually are. But, this time it had not been and it almost cost me. But, gratefully, the Divine was looking out for me, along with family and friends that stepped in to play their role in the unmasking of what was going on.

As I wrote in the last chapter of my forthcoming book, Unmasking Your Soul, there is a trinity that is formed by our Divine Mind, Divine Heart, and Divine Soul that creates the foundation for you to embody more of your Soul and who you’re meant to be in this incarnation. As these old patterns surfaced for me, I recognized I was not standing fully in my truth in certain areas of my life. And, that any decision I make in my life must have alignment at these three levels:  Divine Mind, Divine Heart, and Divine Soul.

Once I was able to discern this missing piece, I was able to make a decision that more fully aligned with where my Soul was trying to guide me. And, for me that actually meant not moving forward with the original plan I was contemplating. As I dug deeper, I recognized I had only evaluated my decision based on Divine Mind and Divine Heart, and had totally missed the Divine Soul piece. When I evaluated the choice I was contemplating against this piece, it was very clear that what I was contemplating was not in alignment with my Soul’s guidance.

This is how the three pieces work together. Each one connects you directly with the Mind, Heart, and Soul of God, Source, Creator, or whatever Higher Power you believe in. The Divine Mind connects you with the power of thought and your mental body. The Divine Heart connects you with the power of love and your emotional body. And, Divine Soul connects you with the power of your Divinity and your spiritual body. The more you seek to become more of who you really are, divine gifts and all, the more these three areas must be aligned as you make decisions in your life. You cannot just have one or two. You must have all three in alignment. Otherwise, the choices you make, may not serve you in the fullest.

Is there some inner clutter that is holding you back from making some big decisions in your life?  If so, I want you to look at these three areas (Divine Mind, Divine Heart, and Divine Soul) to help you discern the path forward. Use the energy of this new supermoon coming on April 7 to help you forge the path ahead and let go of what no longer serves you. Here are some steps to help you.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.
  2. Begin, by setting an intention to be open to receiving guidance from these three Divine parts of you, Divine Mind, Divine Heart, and Divine Soul.
  3. Then, hold the situation you’re trying to get clarity on in your heart. As you hold this in your heart, listen to any thoughts emerging from your Divine Mind. Remember, that only loving thoughts represent the true thoughts of this part of you. See yourself immersing your thoughts in beautiful pink light. Continue to do this, until you receive the loving thoughts that represent the messages from your Divine Mind.
  4. Now, move directly to your Divine Heart. As you hold the situation in your heart, what feelings and emotions are surfacing? Again, immerse the situation you’re holding in your heart with beautiful rays of pink light. See the light swirling in your heart center and from those swirls emerges the message clearly. Feel these emotions and what they’re trying to tell you.
  5. And, lastly move to your Divine Soul. This is where you connect directly with your Higher Self, the conduit to your Divine Soul. See or imagine yourself as this radiant being of light. See yourself handing over this situation to your Higher Self. Pause and wait for a response from your spiritual self. Know, that if the response does not come in the moment, do not despair or try to force it. It will come, when it’s time.
  6. When, you feel complete, come back into the present moment and make sure to journal any responses you received.

Please comment below and let me know what you’re working on. I’d love to support you on your journey.

Wishing you much love and healing on your journey!


P.S. If you need help getting connecting with your Soul and unlocking your Divinity, then check out my SoulLove Mastery Private Mentoring Program. This is exactly what it’s meant for. Together we Unmask Your Soul so you can become more of who you really are meant to be.

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Eileen Anümani Santos is an interfaith minister, transformational healer, artist,  singer, international bestselling author, and spiritual guide whose mission is to heal and awaken the hearts and minds of those seeking to live a more authentic and Soul-driven life.

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