Trust, Believe, Surrender

In keeping with my theme this month of living on purpose, I want to share this poem that I wrote recently and the importance of having faith in the unseen as we arImagee guided to live on purpose.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave comments!

Trust, Believe, Surrender by Eileen Santos

My soul stirs and stirs in fear, knowing that it is time for me to play big.

But yet, within me stirs this fear filling me with doubts.


Can I really do this? Will I be accepted in the world? How about if I’m not? What shame that will bring.

As I connect with this fear, I go deeper, taking a breath, and another, and another.

In this deeper place, I ask God, how do I finally step into my power and not be afraid?

And, God, says:

“I am here…with every breath…imagine me holding your hand…remember
that we are one and you were created in my image and so all I am…you
are…all I am capable of can come through you…all I have dreamed of for you
is at your fingertips.

Your soul knows you have access to infinite possibilities, but you must do
three things: Trust in me and in you (only through the expression of loving
yourself as I love you does the trust become real).

Believe in our oneness and in our ability to co-create miracles together…for
you can achieve anything you set your mind to…with me anything is possible.
It does require you to believe in the unseen and have faith that when the seeds
are ready for harvest, they will ripen and miraculously and effortlessly appear
in your life.

Surrender to my will and to your soul’s will. Remember who you really are (not
in physical form, but in spiritual form – a being of light and love. Your soul
already knows what you need to do to live on purpose so surrender control to
your soul.

I am the creator of the seas (your fate), but your soul is the captain of your
destiny. Surrender to your higher purpose and let your soul navigate the seas
of my creation, knowing that you are never alone, I will always carry you and
help you when the seas get rough. Through complete surrender, you will achieve
the freedom you have always been seeking.

When you do these three things, you will see a dove of peace land on your ship
and the seas will calm and life will become effortless. For when you live on
purpose, following your soul’s yearning, joy and love will reign in your life.
You will come to know and understand that your purpose is not about you, it is
about those whose lives you will touch along the way as you co-create with the
universe to bring Heaven on Earth.”

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