God’s Love For You

This month we celebrate love…love for self, love for others, love for the divine.  And, the more we learn to love ourselves, the more we can bring that same love to those that are most important to us. Many of us forget that our true essence is that of love…that is the part of us that carries a divine spark of infinite love. I encourage you to connect with that divine part of youshutterstock_34049236-love. I share this poem that I wrote to help you remember the divine sacred being you are and how very much you are loved.

“As I look within you, I see a heart full of love, but one that bears pain as well.

 It is time for you to release that which holds you back, for within you is a spark of fire that is waiting to be embraced.

It is time to love thyself as God loves you, unconditionally with no shame, no guilt, but oneness with all of life.

How could God forsaken such a loving child?

He has not, he whispers his love to you, but do you hear?

Let it be so by listening to the wind and the words that spirit whispers in the day and the night.

They are words of how special you are and have always been.

You are loved more than you imagine. It is time to become one with that love so that your heart may feel respite and heal.

Remember, that with God’s love, anything is possible and so, today, begin anew and believe it to be so.”

Until our next gathering…



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