Connecting With the Divine Master Within You

There is something “brewing” in the world – a time of great change and transformation. I think we all feel it, but yet don’t know how to put it into words.  If we look deep enough within ourselves, we will find the answers, and, this is the focus of our gathering today.  What does this mean? It means that Violet Lotuswithin each and every one of us, there is a divine master, a teacher and sage who has lived many lifetimes, for thousands of years – it is that part of us that is formless – that spiritual being of light.  It is where it all began, but as we took shape in our human bodies we forgot of that place from whence we came – we lost sight of the essence of our being, that divine part of us that has deep wisdom and power to co-create and manifest our destinies.

How do we find the divine within us? First, we must begin at a place of pure divine heart, a place where unconditional love resides, a place of perfect love. It requires us to let go of those things that no longer serve us, those pains and memories that bring fear instead of love to the forefront. Part of this healing journey, is to forgive yourself and those who have caused you hurt in this journey.  Only through forgiveness, will self-love emerge; a requirement to finding that place of perfect love within your heart.

The re-emergence of self-love (and I call it re-emergence for it is from whence we came) allows us to then open our hearts, our minds, and our spirit to a deeper connection with the divine and a deeper connection with the divine sage that already exists within all of us – that part of us that is blended with source/the creator – that part of us that is the true essence of our being. This journey requires much strength and courage, but possible for all to achieve when the focus is on love – for love has the power to overcome all and melt away the fears that keep us from our own heaven on earth.

So today, begin anew, and search for the divine master within you.  Begin to tap into that resource of eternal wisdom within you and you will see that life will become your place of harmony, peace, and abundance – a true manifestation of heaven on earth.  I leave you with this quote to contemplate the divine master within you: “The self-existent Lord pierced the senses to turn outward.  Thus, we look to the world outside and see not the Self within us.  A sage withdrew his senses from the world of change and, seeking immortality, looked within and beheld the deathless self.” – Katha Upanishad 2.1.1

Until our next gathering…

Namaste ~


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