God Speaks to Us in Many Ways

Today, I want to focus on the signposts that are all around us from God, spirit, source.  Sometimes, in what seem to be small activities or events, we find deep messages that can result in transformational experiences. Most recently, my niece Ashley came to visit me so we could spend some quality time together.  She was at a spiritual turning point in her life, and in a recent healing I had done for her, I knew this visit was no coincidence, but part of the transformation I knew she was meant to go through.

She came to spend the weekend with me and so I planned out several activities that I thought would help her connect deeper with spirit and discover for herself what next steps she was being guided to take.  One of those activities was to teach her some meditation techniques.  I decided what better way than to take her to a park where we could both experience nature and feel inspired by the beauty that nature awakens in our spirits and souls.  When we got to the park I asked her to choose a bench to sit on, allowing her to be guided to the perfect place for our initial meditation together. It was no coincidence that she chose one of my favorite benches under this beautiful tree that had long vines of leaves that swayed beautifully in the wind as we sat down.  After some short instruction and some guidance, we both sat in silence for about 10 minutes.

At that point, I asked her to select another spot and so she selected a picnic table that overlooked a small pond on the other side of the park. And, this is where spirit truly gave us the signs, the messages that were clear and transformational for my niece.  As she sat and looked at the water, I sat on the other side of the picnic table to meditate.  After several minutes, I began to channel a poem that was meant for my niece.  And the poem went like this:

As she sits near the water,

Her hair glistens in the sun and the wind blows.

I hear God’s breath whispering, “My child I am here with you.”

Her heart and soul are so intent on remembering and reuniting with that place of pure bliss and love,

Yet her fears and doubts hold her back from hearing God’s words, but they are so clear to me…

“You are special,” “I love you,” and “it is time to awaken and embrace your true purpose in life.”

She sits and ponders hoping to see a glimpse of what could be; what God’s breath and love feel like.

I see the gateway of spirit opening and touching her heart.

The doorway opens…and she walks through.

The new journey has begun…

The most amazing thing was that at the same moment that I was channeling this poem to say to her, she was having her own experience as she looked at the water.  At that moment there was a group of gnats flying over the water and as she stared at them, they began to form a symbol – an eye – God’s eye.  She knew at that moment that God was looking at her and speaking to her; he was there with her showing her love, showing her the gateway to her soul. This was the beginning of the transformation I had seen for her and it created a deepness of a bond between us that only this type of experience can create through God’s love.

I leave you with this thought today – pay attention to everything that surrounds you because even in the smallest of events, in the daily routine of our lives there are nuggets of wisdom and deep messages for us if we are willing and take the time to pay attention.

Until our next gathering…

Namaste ~


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