Welcome to the Relaunch of the Soul Healing Corner!

Thank you for joining us on the relaunch of our blog, The Soul Healing Corner. My name is Eileen Santos, spiritual artist and healer, and I created this blog to share with you inspirational stories and spiritual nuggets of wisdom that have changed my life.  Topics will vary across the areas of art, healing and spirituality – everything from the inspirations and meanings behind my pastel paintings to soul healing techniques to spiritual wisdom that has served me well throughout my journey.  I hope that you too will share your stories and inspirations!

Let me start with two of my favorite quotes that I now embrace fully every day:  “everything happens for a reason” and “your thoughts create your reality.”  Anyone who knows me well recognizes that I profess these phrases constantly, as they can be very powerful in helping to transform your life.

I began my spiritual journey back in 2003 – one that took me through various stages of truth, light, and healing. Embracing the truth within me was very difficult and painful.  But as I did, I was able to heal those pains and memories that kept me chained to a past that was very hurtful.  As I embraced these truths, I began to release the pain and love myself again, but also forgive others who had come into my life to teach me some very important, but painful lessons. 

At this point in my life, I realized that I needed to allow the universe to bring the events together in my life that were meant to be (without my resistance) in order to truly find peace and happiness in life.  So when I say everything happens for a reason, I mean that every event happens in divine order.  The more you resist, the more painful your journey will be.  Allow the universe to show you the way – let go and let spirit guide you every step of the way. 

As I embraced these truths, I also had to change my thoughts and the messages my mind was sending out to the universe.  What good is it to embrace who you are if your thoughts do not align with positive, loving statements? And so, I changed my thoughts and used affirmations and visualizations to create a future that aligned with my soul’s purpose – to be here with you and help you on your spiritual journey as well. I stand here today as proof that everything, indeed, does happen for a reason and that the energy and thoughts you put out to the universe do manifest in your life. 

Until our next gathering…

 Namaste ~


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  1. Hi Angel,
    I use the word soul to mean that part of us that is all-knowing, all-being, all-loving. It is the place that carries the wisdom of who we truly are at our core, infinite beings of love and light. And so, when I use the term soul healing I mean connecting with the wisdom of our soul to bring about healing to our mind, body, and spirit. The healing work I do is about just this ~ removing the layers of woundedness, hurt, pain, and fears that hold us back from truly living as the infinite, loving souls we are.

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